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Pupil Premium

What is it?

Pupil Premium is a sum of money (£1,300) for every child who is entitled to Free School Meals now or has had Free School Meals over the past 6 years.  Looked After Children also receive Pupil Premium Funding (£1,900).

Why do schools get extra money?

Pupil Premium was introduced by the Government for all schools in April 2011.  Studies showed the attainment of low-income families was lower than that of other pupils so the money was given to schools to enhance the learning of Pupil Premium Children and so narrow the gap in the attainment of groups.

How much money does Lower Meadow have to support Pupil Premium Children?

At Lower Meadow we have a higher percentage of pupils entitled to Pupil Premium funding than Nationally.  At October 2015 this figure is 62% of pupils in school compared with 27% nationally.

2011/12 School received £46,870 to support Pupil Premium Pupils
2012/13 School received £85,200 to support Pupil Premium Pupils
2013/14 School received £120,000 to support Pupil Premium Pupils
2014/15 School received £179,400 to support Pupil Premium Pupils

2015/16 School will receive £201,709 to support Pupil Premium Pupils

2016/17 School will receive £195,360 to support Pupil Premium Pupils

Who looks at how we spend Pupil Premium Funding?

Schools are free to spend the Pupil Premium money as they see fit but rigorous checks are kept to monitor the impact of this spending.

Since September 2012 schools are required to publish online information about how the money is spent.

Schools will be held to account by Ofsted for the attainment of their Pupil Premium Pupils and the progress they make, with particular emphasis on closing the achievement gap with other pupils.

Governors are informed of spending during termly meetings and we in the process of appointing a dedicated Pupil Premium Governor, who will look at school plans in greater detail.

At Lower Meadow Miss Clarke, Headteacher, oversees Pupil Premium spending in school, monitoring support and impact.

The documents available to download give further detail as follows:

Pupil Premium Spending 2016 17 – gives details of this years Pupil Premium spending plans.

Impact of Pupil Premium Spending 2015 16 – gives details of how Pupil Premium Funding was spent in 2015/16 and the difference it has made.

The Impact of Pupil Premium Spending 2016 17

pdf_iconHow to claim Income Related Free School Meals – gives information on Free School Meal entitlement and how to apply (link to Sheffield City Council Free School Meals webpage available below).